Sit Stay Read (Chicago, IL)

SitStayRead (SSR) advances children’s literacy skills with Certified Reading Assistance dogs, trained literacy volunteers, and a proven curriculum that focuses on social-emotional learning. SSR provides year-round programming for low-income students in kindergarten through third grades in underserved neighborhoods throughout Chicago. SSR envisions a world where every child in Chicago becomes a proficient reader and realizes their full potential. Continue reading Sit Stay Read (Chicago, IL)

Negotiation Works (Washington, DC)

Negotiation Works provides negotiation and self-advocacy training for people who are emerging from difficult and often traumatic situations–such as incarceration, homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence–so they develop the skills to navigate everyday challenges and live the next chapters in their lives confidently and productively. They define negotiation strategies to include communication and persuasion tools for: (a) engaging in self-advocacy in situations such as obtaining needed … Continue reading Negotiation Works (Washington, DC)

Girls Dream Code (Minneapolis, MN)

Girls Dream Code is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aiming to empower young minority and low-income girls to pursue an interest in technology by providing free tech workshops, events & resources. Our mission is to promote opportunities in technology, learn tech skills, decrease the gender & diversity gap in tech, increase inclusivity, and create a safe space for young girls to feel comfortable and excel in … Continue reading Girls Dream Code (Minneapolis, MN)

Storycatchers Theatre in Chicago IL

Storycatchers Theatre in Chicago IL

Storycatchers Theatre prepares young people to make thoughtful life choices through the process of writing, producing and performing original musical theatre inspired by personal stories. Participants from several Storycatchers Theatre programs performed “Baddest Kids On The Block” at the company’s recent Annual Benefit Brunch & Performance on March 28, 2015. The performance ensemble included current Teens Together participants as well as alumni from the company’s … Continue reading Storycatchers Theatre in Chicago IL

Homeless Children's Playtime Project in Washington DC

Homeless Children’s Playtime Project in Washington DC

The mission of the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project is to nurture healthy child development and reduce the effects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs in Washington D.C. A volunteer was helping an older boy with a homework assignment about Martin Luther King Jr – the child was having trouble answering the question, “Why are you thankful for MLK?” – realized he was … Continue reading Homeless Children’s Playtime Project in Washington DC

Reach Incorporated in Washington DC

Reach Incorporated develops confident, grade-level readers and capable leaders by training teens to teach younger students, creating academic benefit for all involved. When Kyare was a 9th grade student at Eastern Senior High School, he signed up to be a tutor with Reach Incorporated. At Reach, teens are enlisted to be elementary school reading tutors and children’s book authors. Through the experience, both the students … Continue reading Reach Incorporated in Washington DC