Luther I. Replogle Award for Management Improvement

This award is made possible by an endowment established by the late Luther I. Replogle, former American Ambassador to Iceland. It is granted to an employee of the Department of State or the U.S. Agency for International Development who has made an outstanding contribution to management improvement.  The recipient receives a certificate signed by the Secretary of State and $10,000.

In a letter dated March 1973 to the U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers, Ambassador Luther I. Replogle (retired) offered to support an Award for Management Improvement.  He believed that it is important to recognize individuals whose hard work has led to management improvements that have significantly increased the effectiveness of the U.S. Department of State in fulfilling its role in the conduct of foreign affairs.  Ambassador Replogle intended that the award be given each year with the aim of accomplishing the following goals:

  • To encourage reforms already occurring;
  • To provide incentive awards such as those that recognize success in the private sector;
  • To provide the same recognition for management officers that already exists for political and economic officers; and
  • To demonstrate the importance of management skills.

Recipients of the Award

2022Maureen DanzotEmbassy Kabul
2021Gustav GogerBureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
2020Christopher DummBureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
2019Panfilo MarquezEmbassy Brasilia
2018Michelle Marie MasonBureau of International Information Programs Office of American Spaces
2017Earl Jay ZimmermanEmbassy Dar es Salaam
2016Katherine MunchmeyerAssociate Dean of the School of Language Studies
2015Alex KaragiannisDG/HR Foreign Service Personnel Evaluation & Performance Management
2014Jessica P. LongForeign Policy Advisor to Naval Special Warfare
2013Jayne A. HowellBureau of Consular Affairs
2012Mark J. CohenEmbassy Baghdad
2011Jeanine JacksonEmbassy NEA/Baghdad
2010Steve CallahanEmbassy Lima
2009Ralph A. HamiltonEmbassy Delhi
2008Edward M. AlfordEmbassy Baghdad
2007Karen Clark StantonEmbassy Singapore
2006An T. LeEmbassy Seoul
2005Frederick B. CookBureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Florida Regional Center
2005Jo Ellen PowellBureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Florida Regional Center
2004Andrea NelsonEmbassy Athens
2003Kathleen T. Austin-FergusonBureau Near-Eastern Affairs
2002Warrington E. (Pete) BrownUS Mission Geneva
2001Wayne J. BushAmerican Presence Posts Initiative
2000Bruce F. Morrison 
1999Donna J. Hamilton 
1998Jerry JordanUS Agency for International Development, Hungary
1998John M. O’KeefeEmbassy Moscow
1997Michael J. McLaughlinInternational Cooperative Administrative Support Services
1996Sarah R. Horsey-BarrUS Mission to the Organization of American States
1995Renate ColeshillUS Information Agency, Brazil
1994Barry J. KefauverBureau of Consular Affairs
1993Charles H. BrayshawEmbassy Lima and Embassy Beirut
1992Douglas LanganBureau of European and Canadian Affairs
1991James J. ConwayBureau for Administration, Procurement Executive (awarded posthumously)
1989Richard DertadianForeign Building Operations
1988Alexander WatsonAmbassador, Embassy Lima
1987Nicholas Baskey 
1986Alexander R. LoveUS Agency for International Development, Bureau for Africa
1985Joann CliftonUS Information Agency, Office of African Affairs
1984Stanley M. SilvermanUS Information Agency
1983Stuart E. BranchBureau of Administration
1982Earl W. Bellinger 
1981Douglas H. Jones 
1979Frances M. WilsonBureau of Economic & Business Affairs
1978John M. ThomasBureau of Administration
1976Dennis A. CollinsEmbassy Paris
1975Joan M. ClarkBureau of European Affairs
1974Barbara M. WatsonBureau of Security and Consular Affairs
1973Theodore J. Eliot, Jr.Executive Secretariat