Q:    How do you pronounce the name of the Foundation?

The pronunciation of the name Replogle is: REP – lo – gul

Q:    What are the basic requirements to be eligible for a grant?

The Foundation makes grants only to organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.  The Foundation’s primary geographic focus in grantmaking is the Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC.  With the exception of archaeological-related projects and certain Directors’ Grants, we do not provide funding outside these geographic areas.

Q:    When are decisions made?

The Board of Directors meets twice a year to make funding decisions, once in the autumn and once in the spring. The Board occasionally will defer a final decision on a request to a subsequent Board meeting even if an application has passed initial review; this delay is intended to ensure a thoughtful, informed decision.

Q:    Why can’t I access the online application system to submit a new funding inquiry?

The online application system is accessible for limited periods of time. Deadlines will be stated in a text box on the Welcome Page.

Q:    What type of support does the Foundation provide?

The Foundation supports direct service efforts, as well as advocacy at the local, state, and /or federal levels. The Foundation provides grants for (1) general operating support, (2) new projects, and (3) some capital campaigns (limited).

Q:    Why can’t I find guidelines that fit my area of work?

We believe that the Foundation can be most effective by concentrating its resources in a few programmatic and/or geographic areas. Inevitably this means we cannot support many worthy projects outside our program interests.
The Foundation does not generally support:

  • Activities that have a specific religious purpose
  • Assistance for individuals
  • Attendance at or travel to conferences or costs related to conferences
  • Business (for-profit) organizations
  • Chemical dependency treatment
  • Endowments, except in rare cases
  • Health services or policy
  • Services for seniors
  • Travel

Q:    Can I apply for a job, internship, or volunteer work at the Luther I. Replogle Foundation?

The Foundation operates with a staff of one. We appreciate the interest, but the Foundation does not accept resumes; does not offer volunteer or internship opportunities; and does not maintain employment or internship information about our grantees or other organizations.

Q:    What holidays does the Luther I. Replogle Foundation observe?

The Foundation follows the Federal Holiday schedule.

Q:    Is the Luther I. Replogle Foundation operated by the Replogle Globe Company?

No. Although Mr. Replogle was the founder of the Replogle Globe Company, the Foundation is independent. The Replogle Globe Company is currently owned and operated by the Herff Jones Company.