Funding Priorities

Programmatic Priorities

The Luther I. Replogle Foundation accepts unsolicited inquiries from organizations addressing the needs of youth and children, and women with children living in, or at risk of, long-term poverty (especially children living in under-resourced communities). Of particular interest are:

  • Programs designed to address immediate crisis situations and the provision of stabilization services;
  • Programs designed to assist individuals in developing skills for self-sufficiency and to be able to participate constructively in society and the workforce;
  • Programs designed to provide supplementary services to improve educational opportunities for children living in under-resourced communities, including enrichment programs in the arts and sciences, alternative schools, after-school tutoring and mentoring, and scholarship programs.
  • Programs for affordable and supportive housing with a focus on single mothers, families with children, and youth on their own.

Geographic Priorities

The Luther I. Replogle Foundation only accepts unsolicited inquiries from organizations located in the metro areas of Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and Washington, DC.

Other Priorities

In its human services giving, the Luther I. Replogle Foundation gives priority to new and innovative organizations/programs and organizations with expenses below $1,000,000.

Other Grantmaking

The Replogle Foundation also makes grants in the following areas at the Board’s discretion; unsolicited inquiries in these areas are not accepted.

  • Projects, lectures, and fellowships in classical archaeology, particularly in efforts to enable scholars to cross disciplines and specialties, and thus broaden their horizons.
  • Projects and institutions working for the conservation of maps and globes, and dissemination and education in the area of geography.
  • Luther I. Replogle Award for Management Improvement at the U.S. Department of State to reward individuals who through their managerial ability have contributed to the effective administration of the Department and its programs.