Banyan Community in Minneapolis MN

Banyan Community in Minneapolis MN

Banyan Community is rooted in the Phillips neighborhood to transform lives by developing youth, strengthening families, and creating community.

When School is out, Banyan is in!

Closing the Achievement Gapcutmypic(34)

This short little phrase gets repeated a lot here, simply because we have so much going on.Programs go year-round with only brief breaks to catch our breath. When the school day ends, we’re just getting started. When the school year wraps up, we’re gearing up for six weeks of summer programs and four different camp sessions! Finally, when schools take a day off for teacher development or book keeping, we take the opportunity to go on field trips and expose Banyan youth to all kinds of special events. We did take a bit of a break for Christmas and New Years, but between those two holidays we had 45 youth join us for fun, games, food, bowling and a trip to the science museum! We use school release days throughout the year to overcome the achievement gap, one fun-filled day of learning and community-building at a time.

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